Why We Created Toy Barn

As men pursue their careers and become successful, one of the ways they reward themselves is buying, and playing with toys. Big boy toys. Classic cars and hot rods, motorcycles and trucks, jet skis and boats, RVs and off-road vehicles, etc. That’s how it was for the men behind Toy Barn. They all loved their toys and all shared a similar problem. Where to keep their toys? At some point each needed more room than what the garage attached to their single family homes could spare.

So they created Toy Barn, a place where passionate car, boat, RV and bike owners could set up shop in a luxury environment; where they could work on their toys amidst all the comforts of home. And then some. They conceived a community of high ceiling garages of different sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of anyone and everyone, with a clubhouse to host entertainment events and private parties.

It would be an escape. A work and play area where garage owners could tinker with their toys while listening to the music they liked, or watching whatever they wanted on TV, or eating what they wanted, or just enjoying some rare peace and quiet. The garage would be theirs to customize, lay out and decorate. You want a complete workshop? Go for it. Metalplate cabinets and benches? A lift? Big screen TV and sound system? A Coke machine or kegerator? A poker table and popcorn maker?

Hey. It’s your garage. And your dream space. At Toy Barn.


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